Learning is more than a particular tool or technique

Learning is more than a particular tool or technique; it is a comprehensive, holistic, and integrated process. If you are in need of a special education advocate who can help you navigate your way through the I.E.P. process and/or tutorial services for your child’s academic needs, then you have come to the right place. You can also find me on LinkedIn. Thanks for stopping by!

With extensive experience as a former special education teacher, you will feel supported knowing that your advocate has sat on both sides of the meeting table and is aware of the need for positive team collaboration

Whether this is your first experience at an IEP/504 Meeting or you have attended several emotionally charged meetings through the year(s), I believe you will appreciate the guidance and support that you will receive as we move through the process together.

About Katy

I have been helping parents navigate their way through the often complicated and murky waters of special education Pre-K through Grade 12, since 2008.