What are people saying? 

I would confidently recommend Katy Bosserman’s parent advocacy service to any family struggling to have their child’s educational needs met. She is extremely knowledgeable about educational and disability rights, the requirements binding schools, and every step of the IEP process and beyond. As she put it to us, she can take us all the way to the point where we’d need to have a lawyer step in, and that is exactly what she did. She reviewed our IEP in detail, highlighted what was overlooked, made recommendations to the IEP team, and ensured accurate and appropriate wording of the IEP. Her involvement helped to create accountability and documentation. Along the way, she was there at every meeting, met with us in person as often as was needed, and guided us on next steps when we decided to pursue outside placement. It is important to note that this is our second learning disabled child and we thought we were well versed in the process. Katy’s expertise was critical to identifying and pursing what our son needed. She was the first to pick up on the emotional damages vs. the learning disability in a complex multiple diagnosis situation, and to redirect the IEP team’s attention to this important and neglected need. The end result was outside placement, which we had pursued for 8 years prior to her involvement.

Laura L., Parent – Bel Air, MD

“I have seen and admired the detailed and painstaking work Katy has done putting together individual education plans for students to succeed. She works closely with the parents and school to ensure her students have the absolute best chance of success, whether that is in tutoring or advocating at her student’s schools. I would recommend her to any parent looking to help their child.”

Beth C, Parent – Edgewood, MD

“Katy has helped our son not only with his writing and reading comprehension, but with his confidence.  The very next quarter after working with Bobby he made the Honor Roll! Katy is a very caring and patient person and she really wants to see the children she works with succeed. She is very professional and will work with you if you need to reschedule. Bobby enjoyed his sessions with Katy which we did not find with anyone else.”

Robin G, Parent – Bel Air, MD

“It has been awesome having Katy work with Jordyn. Not only has Jordyn gone from a B/C student to an A student, but Katy has helped greatly in building Jordyn’s self esteem and self confidence. Everything academic is starting to click with her and it is all due to Katy’s help.”

Rondi S, Parent – Aberdeen, MD

“My 15 year old daughter has been seeing Katy for over a year now and has shown improvement not only in school, but with her life choices. Katy’s relationship with her as a tutor evolved into something more important…a kinship. Katy is an excellent role model for my daughter. They say it takes a village to raise a child. I am very thankful that Katy lives in my village!”

Linda C, Parent – Havre de Grace, MD

“There is no way that Jamie would have graduated without Ms Bosserman’s support. She became a better student than she had ever demonstrated before because of Ms Bosserman. Our English Department Chair could hardly contain herself about how proud she was of the quality of work that Jamie handed in throughout the second semester while Ms Bosserman was working with her. I am sure that if she hasn’t already figured it out, someday Jamie will look back and be so thankful that she had Ms. Bosserman in her life to help her realize her dream of being able to graduate high school with her friends.”

Dan B, High School Counselor – Fallston, MD